Volvo Articulated Dump Truck Hire

Volvo Articulated Dump Trucks for hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we have a range of articulated dump trucks and other mining and construction equipment at our Adelaide depot ready to be hired for your project today. Our articulated dump trucks are modern, well designed and efficient, all things that matter when your on site. Volvo articulated dump trucks have a reputation of quality and our fleet are no different. Our extensive fleet are able to be hired to mining or construction projects across the state as we know the importance of having a quality dump truck onsite. 

Articulated dump trucks for hire need to be able to maintain high average speed, high load capacity and powerful dump hydraulics, all of which Volvo dump trucks specialise in. Why bother with older clunky articulated dump trucks when its been proved that Volvo articulated dump trucks are fuel efficient at full load capacity and can still maintain high speed. Our articulated dump trucks are capable of handling the worst a construction or mining site can through at them and finish the job on time and on budget. Our mobile Volvo trained technicians maintain our articulated dump trucks both at our facilities in Adelaide and on site if needed.

what is an articulated dump truck?

An articulated dump truck is a large off road haulage truck designed to move loose materials around a construction or mining site. There are two main parts to an articulated dump truck, the cab, often called the tractor, which stores the engine and operator, and the trailer, which carries the materials. The two main parts are connected by a rotating hitch which allows the articulated dump truck more maneuverability than rigid dump trucks. This makes articulated dump trucks perfect for large road or infrastructure construction projects and smaller quarry and mining operations.

Articulated dump trucks are designed for rugged, steep off road terrain and can carry anywhere between 25 tonnes and 55 tonnes worth of materials depending on the model. Articulated dump trucks are different from regular trucks both in design and size as they are not meant to be used on road. The articulated dump truck design and technology can then be focused on the needed stability and maneuverability to handle the rough off road terrain.

what are volvo articulated drump trucks used for?

Volvo articulated dump trucks are used throughout South Australia at road construction projects, quarries and mines, hauling materials around site. Articulated dump trucks are designed to carry loads of 25 to 55 tonnes all day every day so are on sites where massive quantities of material are being moved. They are used on road construction when major earthworks is undertaken, such as demolition and tunnel construction. For this application smaller articulated dump trucks are usually dry hired, such as the Volvo A30 or A40.

Larger articulated dump trucks are hired to work at quarries to move the product from the source to the transfer stations. They are also wet hired for smaller open cut mines where rigid dump trucks can’t work due to terrain restrictions. Volvo articulated dump trucks are an asset to construction, mining and industrial projects because they are versatile, rugged and capable of performing time after time.

If you need to hire a Volvo articulated dump truck in Adelaide or anywhere throughout South Australia trust VRents to give you end to end service and a quality guarantee. We are able to organise long and short term hire as well as wet and dry hire. Hire an articulated dump truck today in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Glenelg, Port Pirie, Kadina and Flinders Ranges.