Volvo Backhoe Hire

Volvo Backhoe for hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we have a range of Volvo construction equipment made to handle whatever the construction site throws at them. Our Volvo Backhoes for hire in Adelaide are equipped with all the necessary features and Volvo designed advanced technology to ensure that the job gets done on time every time. Our BL718 backhoe hire is available for wet and dry hire, as well as in combination with our other construction equipment, such as skid steers or excavators.

Our Volvo backhoes, like all of our construction equipment, are filled with advanced technology designed to complete a range of work site tasks with ease. Volvo has spent years researching what operators want and need from their backhoes and they have compiled all the findings into our BL718 backhoe. The backhoe offers durability, power, quality and environmental care, all things needed to get the job done over and over again. Our backhoes are maintained and serviced by our Volvo trained technicians with genuine parts so we can guarantee the high-quality condition our construction equipment is kept to.

what is a backhoe? 

A backhoe is a construction machine that is halfway between a wheeled loader and an excavator. A backhoe is based off a tractor body with a bucket attachment at the front and a small boom arm, called a backhoe, on the back of the machine. The backhoe is often smaller than typical wheel loaders and excavators, making them an asset on smaller, tight construction sites. Volvo backhoes for hire are able to complete the job of two machines in one efficiently thanks to their patented self-leveling system.

The Volvo self-leveling system is built into all of our backhoes for hire because it dramatically increases the efficiency of the machine. On top of this our friction-welded dual lift cylinders provide the backhoe with the strength needed but without excessive weight slowing the machine down. Backhoes for hire are an interesting machine as the cab needs to be big enough to swivel the operator between the backhoe boom and bucket. Because of this Volvo backhoes have large cabins with multi-function controls to make operation as simple and streamlined as possible.

What is a Volvo Backhoe used for?

A Volvo backhoe is used on smaller construction projects where having multiple machines is not viable. They can also be used in replacement of a wheeled loader, excavator or skid steer loader if there are none available for hire. Backhoe hire is the perfect machine when the excavation and loose materials tasks are not major projects. A backhoe is often hired to dig up and clean up a section of road, backfill a trench or load a truck.

Backhoe hire can be a personal preference as well, if an operator has used and enjoyed backhoes before they may be more inclined to hire one instead of a compact excavator or skid steer. Volvo backhoes for hire have a front loader attachment bracket that is compatible with our wheel loader attachments. This increases the potential of a backhoe hire ten fold and makes the machine useful to a range of industries such as industrial factories and warehouses, forestry, farms and construction.

If you need to hire a Volvo backhoe in Adelaide or anywhere throughout South Australia trust VRents to give you end to end service and a quality guarantee. We are able to organise long and short term hire as well as wet and dry hire. Hire a backhoe today in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Glenelg, Port Pirie, Kadina and Flinders Ranges.