Volvo Excavator Attachment Hire

Volvo Excavator Attachments for Hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we have a range of Volvo construction plant, equipment and attachments for wet and dry hire at our Adelaide depot. One of our most popular combination hires is our excavators and excavator attachments. Our excavator attachments for hire are used on a range of work sites thanks to their versatility and our large fleet of excavators. Our excavator attachments can be hired with our excavators or without, we are happy to help any dry or wet hire needs.

Our Volvo excavator attachments are designed to be long lasting and handle the demands of the worksite. Whether it’s a ripper attachment for our ERC145 excavator or a hydraulic hammer for any of our 30t excavators, our Volvo attachments will withstand whatever the worksite throws at them. Our Volvo trained technicians and genuine spare parts are used to keep our excavator attachments serviced and maintained to the highest quality so they can perform time after time.

What is an Excavator Attachment? 

An excavator attachment is a piece of construction equipment that is attached to the arm of an excavator to allow it to perform a range of tasks. Excavator attachments can often replace the need for other plant hire. This predominantly happens when there is a range of tasks needed to be completed on a smaller project where hiring the separate plant would not be feasible. Excavator hire with more than one attachment is a common occurrence as, for example, construction sites often need an excavator with a bucket as well as a rock breaker.

Excavator attachments vary as much as skid steer attachments do, thanks to individual industries create purpose built attachments. However there is a range of general excavator attachments that are used across the board in the construction industry. Popular general attachments are tilt buckets, rock breakers, rippers, hydraulic hammers, augers and grapplers. At VRents we also have Topcon GPS equipment for hire with our excavators to provide precise positioning data to the operator.

What is a Volvo Excavator Attachment used for?

Volvo excavator attachments are used everywhere an excavator is used, this can be on demolition sites, industrial sites, road construction, infrastructure projects and backyard jobs. Excavator attachments are vital accessories for excavators on site because they give them the versatility to complete multiple machines jobs with one. This is important on sites where there is less space, such as road construction on a working road, and hiring multiple machines is not viable for the permitted space. Excavator attachments for hire are an important asset onsite and that is why we provide our attachments for hire both with and without our excavators.

The four excavator attachments we have for hire are the Volvo compaction wheel attachment, which is used when the ground needing compaction is not large enough to need a compactor. We also have the Volvo ripper attachment which breaks up tough soil and debris to make loading with a standard bucket easier. Our Volvo tilt bucket attachment is designed for creating slopes and digging trenches and our Volvo hydraulic hammer, otherwise known as a rock breaker, is used to demolish hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. These four Volvo excavator attachments are designed to make job requirements easier and reduce the costs of hiring multiple expensive pieces of plant and equipment.

If you need to hire a Volvo excavator attachment in Adelaide or anywhere throughout South Australia trust VRents to give you end to end service and a quality guarantee. We are able to organise long and short term hire as well as wet and dry hire. Hire an excavator attachment today in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Glenelg, Port Pirie, Kadina and Flinders Ranges.