Topcon GPS Hire

Topcon GPS Hire

For unmatched productivity, accuracy, and reliability across South Australia – Look no further than Topcon GPS Systems available from VRents!

The Topcon GPS

Topcon continues to revolutionise the world of GPS based attachments, integrating innovative design and functionality with cutting edge technology. Topcon GPS Systems not only enhance operational accuracy but also speed up excavation and grading tasks while leaving the operator in complete control.

Topcon Systems allow operators to see the machines exact position in relation to the site, offering enhanced precision and flexibility. While all Topcon GPS systems provide similar functionality, there is a diverse range of differences when considering alternate applications. 

If unmatched productivity, accuracy, and reliability are core characteristics you wish to introduce to your worksite, you can’t go wrong with a Topcon GPS System.

VRents Topcon Range

Across VRent’s range of Hire Equipment, Topcon GPS Systems are amongst the most demanded given their ability to maximise operator efficiency and informational accuracy. As a leading solution across earthmoving, construction, and infrastructure projects, Volvo GPS Systems available for hire provide cost-effective access to first-class performance. 

VRents is a leading provider of Topcon technology across South Australia, providing world-class hire solutions. Topcon products hold distinct advantages over other alternatives and are a product of decades worth of constant innovation, research, and development. 

With access to genuine Topcon equipment, VRents can help you maximise productivity and profitability with cost-effective hire services across short and long-term applications. VRents delivers genuine Topcon GPS Systems ideal for projects of varying description. 

For more information on Topcon Equipment, including our Topcon GPS hire services – contact us on (08) 8262 3945

Topcon GPS Options

Topcon’s range of GPS Systems provides cost-effective and reliable solutions for on-site projects requiring enhanced productivity. With systems available for a variety of machines, Topcon Systems hold distinctly different benefits depending on the application. VRents range of Topcon GPS Systems includes:

Topcon X-53 Hire

The Topcon X-53 GPS is a leading solution that strays away from traditional laser-based systems in favour of new innovative technology. The X-53 provides real-time tracking and precise location-based mapping to deliver unmatched operational accuracy. This Topcon system allows live monitoring, allowing the operator to see the buckets teeth position compared with the finishing design – ideal for deep cuts, blind excavations, or working around structures. While originated with Excavator use in mind, Topcon’s X-53 can be swapped to a Grader or other machines, giving maximum flexibility. Features include: 

  • New GX-55 control box with integrated lightbars and audible alarms
  • Elevation reference lets you control grade on the left, right, or middle of the bucket
  • GPS & GLONASS for consistent positioning

Topcon Millimetre GPS+ Hire

The Topcon Millimetre GPS+ is the perfect tool for fine tolerance work, combining the advantages of laser precision with GPS and GLONASS. This Topcon technology comes protected under a patent, offering unmatched precision – improved grading accuracy by up to 300%. The new Topcon Millimetre for hire also comes equipped with the LZ-T5 positioning system, shrinking vertical accuracy benchmarks down to near-impossible numbers. Features include:

  • High precision system improves productivity by getting you to finish grade in fewer passes
  • Up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS systems

Topcon 3D GPS+ Hire

The Topcon 3D GPS + is a fully automated machine control solution that aids in finishing grade and virtually eliminates grade stakes. With the 3D GPS + comes unmatched job control and incredible operational accuracy. Topcon’s 3D GPS+ system has the ability to track both GPS and GLONASS and can also be used in tandem with other sensors such as Sonic Trackers, slope sensors and laser receivers. Features include: 

  • Easy-to-use colour touch screen displays blade position and distance to design
  • Virtually eliminate staking and increase productivity with real-time cut/fill mapping

VRents delivers genuine Topcon GPS Hire, ideal for a range of Volvo Excavators and Volvo Graders. For more information on Topcon equipment, including our GPS hire services – contact us on (08) 8262 3945