Volvo Hydraulic Breaker Hire

genuine volvo hydraulic breaker hire

For leading demolition and boulder breaking solutions – Look no further than VRents Volvo Hydraulic Breaker Hire Services across South Australia

How the Volvo Hydraulic Breaker works

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers are a leading solution to demolition and boulder breaking, acting as a popular Volvo Excavator Attachment. The Volvo hydraulic breaker is a powerful percussion hammer, working through the use of hydraulics to deliver piston-based force to demolish concrete, structures, boulders, and rocks. While there is a range of Hydraulic Breakers available for hire across South Australia, all Volvo’s Excavator attachments for hire, utilise state of the art build quality and reliability to deliver unmatched results across all worksites.

Given the nature of Hydraulic Breakers, extensive amounts of energy are required to deliver effective results. Volvo Hydraulic hammers gain their power and force through a small canister containing pressurised oil – making them more powerful than other percussion hammers.

VRents Hydraulic Hammers are built with only the highest quality materials, delivering unmatched durability and resistance to wear. With blow frequencies ranging from 250-550bpm and oil flow ranging from 119-204 liters/ minute, our range of Volvo low noise hydraulic hammers are leading the space in productivity – ideal for consistent use and rugged performers. 

Volvo Hydraulic breaker Hire

The demand for Volvo Hydraulic Breaker Hire services is rapidly growing, with VRents offering exclusive and cost-effective access to Volvo’s leading range across Adelaide and the wider regions of South Australia. 

When considering a Hydraulic Breaker for your Volvo Excavator, wear and tear is a prominent factor in the eventual reduction in productivity. It is vital to ensure only the highest quality attachments are used. Volvo Hydraulic Breakers are engineered with this in mind and are a product of decades worth of exclusive insights and industry experience – leading the way in quality, reliability, and durability. 

Hydraulic Breakers manufactured by Volvo are leading the industries ‘Excavator Attachment’ market – holding a multitude of advantages over other alternatives. With Volvo equipment hire comes leading research, development, and innovation that has been proven over time. For leading solutions to on-site demolition and rock breaking, that won’t affect your bottom line – look no further than VRents Hydraulic Breaker hire

Volvo Hydraulic Breaker hire is a leading alternative to jackhammering, blasts, or ‘hoe rammers’ – delivering an extensive range of on-site applications including: 

  • Rock Breaking
  • Reducing oversized material
  • Concrete recycling
  • Site excavation
  • Trenching
  • Selective demolition
  • Concrete Structure demolition

Hydraulic breaker Hire Options

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers are expert in manufacture and design – built to handle an extensive range of rugged applications. With a multitude of beneficial features, Hydraulic Breaker hire is ideal for different project scopes and varying site requirements. Hydraulic Breaker variants include:

HB22 Low Noise Hydraulic Breaker Hire

The Volvo HB22 hydraulic breaker is now available from VRents with a standard assortment of features. Built with expert manufacture and design, the Volvo HB22 makes an asset across any project – leading the way in quality, durability, and productivity.

HB29 Low Noise Hydraulic Breaker Hire

The Volvo HB29 hydraulic breaker is now available from VRents with a standard assortment of features including two-speed control and anti-blank fire. Built with expert manufacture and design, the Volvo HB29 is leading the space of Hydraulic breakers – delivering peak performance, reliability, and productivity. Set the HB29 Low Noise Hydraulic breaker up on our 30t Volvo Excavator range to access a total package suitable for a multitude of applications. 

For more information on Volvo equipment, including our hydraulic breaker hire services – contact us on (08) 8262 3945