Volvo Excavator Hire

Volvo Excavator for Hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we specialise in the wet and dry hire of volvo construction equipment in South Australia, including excavator hire. Our excavators for hire are some of the newest models on the market and have a range of attachments to suit your work site needs. Our excavator wet and dry hire fleet consists of over twelve different sizes and makes, so whether you have a small backyard job or a large infrastructure project we have an excavator to fit your site.

Volvo excavators are filled with cutting edge technology to ensure that whether an excavator is hired with or without an operator the work will be completed to the highest standard. Volvo prioritises the added safety and productivity that heightened visibility and comfort provides. All Volvo excavators and plant have specially designed frames to give the operator as much visibility as possible, without compromising safety. The volvo cabs are also the most spacious on the market, meaning the operator does not fatigue as quickly and can get the job done faster. 

what is an excavator? 

An excavator is an all rounder piece of construction equipment that’s core purpose is digging. Volvo Excavators can come with specially designed attachments or just their regular buckets depending on the needs of the construction site. Excavators for hire normally come as a tracked machine but can have wheels, though this is rare. Excavator hire is often split between mini excavators designed for more residential work and the larger excavators used on major works. Volvo excavators for hire can be wet hired alone but are often hired in a combination with tippers and other construction equipment.

Volvo Excavators are predominantly hired in their weight bracket in the construction industry. Mini excavators, otherwise known as compact excavators, range from 1 tonne to 8 tonnes and are the smallest of the excavator fleet. This weight excavator is generally what you find on small, limited space projects because they are still able to move around the site. Larger construction sites often hire excavators between the weight of 14 tonne to 35 tonne.

What is a Volvo excavator used for?

Volvo excavators are used on construction sites for houses, building development, road construction and demolition to name a few. Excavator hire is one of the most popular plant hires in the construction industry thanks to the versatility of the machine. Excavators have a range of buckets that generally come standard with an excavator hire and then there are a range of attachments that can also come with the machine. These attachments allow the excavator to perform the tasks of other machines, without the same costs.

Excavator attachments suchs as rippers, rock breakers and compaction wheels remove the need for other hand equipment and plant onsite. Without other attachments excavators are still capable of digging trenches and foundations, handling loose materials, general grading and landscaping, demolition and forestry work. This is why excavators are so popular and found on almost every construction site throughout South Australia. However, excavator attachment hire can be much more difficult that standard excavator hire. Finding the right supplier with the right excavator and the right attachment can be a painstaking process, which is why we stock a range of attachments.

At VRents we have five compact excavators in our range of excavators for hire. They range in size from a 1.5 tonne digger to an 8.5 tonne excavator. These compact excavators for hire are small but mighty, perfect for construction sites with restricted access. Our standard Volvo excavators for hire range from 14.8 tonne to 35 tonne with seven different models on our fleet. These larger excavators for hire are capable of undertaking major earthworks, construction and demolition.