VRents fleet of Volvo Equipment and Plant Hire in Adelaide, South Australia


VRents specialise in plant hire for the construction and mining industries of Adelaide and South Australia. However we don’t hire just any machines, we only have Volvo equipment for hire. We have supplied the industry with construction equipment hire for almost 40 years and have no plans of slowing down. Over this time we’ve seen everything and anything that can go wrong with a piece of construction machinery, and know how Volvo construction equipment stacks up against other brands.


Plant hire is an interesting industry, it fills a gap on a construction site, or is capable of doing an entire job by itself. We offer our plant for dry hire, without operators and trust they will return them in the condition we sent them out. At some point project managers and construction companies realised they could complete projects by sub-tendering parts of their projects out to smaller plant hire companies the industry was born. There is no service industry quite like it and the demand for plant hire is only growing.

we stock genuine volvo parts

Equipment hire is a competitive industry which is one of the reasons why we only stock Volvo plant. Another is that in 1997 Volvo Equipment came to our parent company and asked if we wanted to become the South Australian dealer, we were more than happy to accept and have since been providing quality Volvo construction equipment to the state. By keeping our plant hire solely to Volvo equipment we are able to stock genuine parts and have our technicians trained by Volvo to keep our machines maintained to the highest standard. By keeping everything under one brand we don’t have to go searching for different brand attachments or spare parts, meaning we can spend that extra time with our customers.


Whether you need to wet hire a skid steer or dry hire a grader we have the equipment you need to get your project started. Our range of Volvo plant hire covers the expanse of the construction and mining industries, covering close to every workite’s needs. One of our favourite machines, the wheel loader, is a Volvo invention and Volvo has been a step ahead of the industry on the wheel loader’s technology ever since. In fact, for all of the construction equipment we stock the technology is cutting edge and constantly being updated and upgraded by Volvo.

Our range of Volvo attachments allow our Volvo construction equipment to perform a wider range of jobs and tasks on the construction site. Attachments like forks for wheeled loaders and backhoes mean they are able to transport pallets and other hard building materials like beams and planks around the build site. Bucket variations like 4 in 1 buckets and tilt buckets expand the potential for excavators and skid steers to complete their work faster and more efficiently. Ripper and hydraulic hammer attachments mean an excavator is able to complete the work of a jack hammer and clean up the demolished concrete with their standard bucket in half the time.

Our machines are modern, technologically advanced, comfortable and efficient

When you hire Volvo construction equipment through VRents you know you’re getting what you paid for. Our machines are modern, technologically advanced, comfortable and efficient. Not to mention they are also fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. We ensure that we have the latest models of construction equipment because we know the various risks associated with older plant. When you have an older machine the chance of mechanical error, mechanism fault or breakdown increases with every year. This is a risk we aren’t prepared to take, when you hire plant you expect it to show up, do the work and move on, which is what we can guarantee with our new Volvo construction equipment.