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Volvo A25 Articulated Dump Truck

The possibility of maintaining high average speed, high load capacity and powerful dump hydraulics – all contribute to making Volvo one of the most productive articulated haulers on the market. The low fuel consumption, the hydraulic retardation system and the fact that Volvo’s haulers need no daily or weekly service keep operating costs low. In short – high productivity at low cost.


Today Volvo manufactures one of the most productive articulated haulers available on the market. There are many reasons for this, but three very important reasons include the unique brake system, the effective retardation system and the fast dump system. These features enable effective work even in the toughest conditions and help the operator keep up the pace without tiring.

Volvo’s articulated haulers are built for a tough real- life conditions. They can operate at high speed even on the most challenging haul routes and they work effectively on the roughest, hard-to-reach load and dump sites. Volvo’s unique steering system and the innovative bogie suspension give the hauler constant optimal traction and the operator stays in complete control.

When it comes to effective hauling in rough terrain, the Volvo A25 is hard to beat. The ingenious frame steering and frame joint are unsurpassed solutions for all types of transports where accessibility is the decisive factor. Together with Volvo’s unique Hydro-Mechanical Self-Compensating Steering system, Volvo’s articulated haulers offers outstanding operating and maneuvering characteristics, both on and off-road.

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Key Features

• Adapted load capacity – the high body volume enables faster hauling of bigger loads.

• High-efficieny dumping – the powerful and accurate dump system and
the Load & Dump brake facilitate the dump cycle, and reduces costs.

• Higher rimpull – means faster uphill runs; shifting is automatic leaving
the operator free to select the ideal drive mode for the terrain.

• Simple and fast service – all service points are easily accessible, which
simplifies service and reduces downtime.