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Volvo A60 Articulated Dump Truck Hire

With pure uptime, leading efficiency, and renowned reliability – The Volvo A60 Articulated Dump Truck is an asset for projects across South Australia.


Volvo A60 Articulated Dump Truck

The Volvo A60 Articulated Dump Truck is the industries flagship, representing a peak in bulk haulage solutions. With the Volvo A60, comes extensive production capabilities, unmatched versatility, and robust functionality – delivering maximum uptime and maximum profit. The Volvo articulated dump truck range remains one of the most popular hire solutions across South Australia, with the A60 Hauler leading the pack. 

As the largest articulated hauler on the market, the Volvo A60 has a bigger payload for all applications, delivering up to 40% more productivity compared to other dump trucks in its space. With expert design and easy service access, you can count on the Volvo A60 dump truck to guarantee more uptime, move more tons per hour, and give 110% regardless of operational conditions. 

The Volvo A60 flaunts an innovative design, engineered to maximise body volume and transport efficiency, positioning it above the rest. The Volvo A60 dumper is always available and ready to work, built for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations. With a combination of Volvo’s signature technology and sheer size – high-efficiency work cycles, faster haulage, and larger profit margins are to be expected when the Volvo A60 Articulated Dump Truck is involved.

If you are in need of an articulated dump truck that is expert in both manufacture and design, look no further than VRents Volvo A60 hire services. Call us today to talk about how our Volvo Articulated Haulers can help serve you! (08) 8262 3945

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Volvo Articulated Dump Truck Hire

As a leading hire choice across South Australia, Volvo’s articulated dump trucks have serviced some of the largest projects throughout Adelaide and other surrounding suburbs. Volvo machines are experts in both manufacture and design – representing a perfect mix between functionality and elegance. The Volvo range is constantly innovating and defining peak performance in the construction industry, with the Volvo A60 acting as the current flagship in bulk haulage. 

Today, Volvo engineers and manufacturers the most productive dump trucks on the market with exclusive industry insights and experiences gained from decades worth of experience. The Volvo A60 available for hire is a product of this experience, exemplifying how all machines ‘should’ work. 

The articulated dump truck range from Volvo is made to maximise uptime, fuel efficiency, and the operator experience with the ability to work comfortably and efficiency, even in the toughest conditions. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations – Long service life, reliability, durability are all things you can expect from the Volvo A60.  

Volvo Articulated Dump trucks available for hire, combine innovation with practicality to deliver the best haulers on the market. With a unique steering system and innovative bogie suspension, operator control and results are maximised.

VRents Volvo Equipment Hire Guarantee

VRents are your current specialists in Volvo construction equipment across South Australia – providing cost-effective access to the world’s best machines, though leading Volvo machine hire services. VRents Volvo hire significantly reduces upfront costs associated with long-term machine investments, while still providing the same operational benefits associated with ownership.

VRents are affiliated with South Australia’s only Volvo Dealer, Warrin Mining – meaning all equipment is prepared, serviced, and supported by a genuine Volvo distributor. With this partnership also comes access to Mobile Volvo trained technicians, genuine spare parts, and purpose-built facilities – ensuring quality and output is maximised. 

Whether seeking wet or dry hire alternatives, with both short and long-term hire solutions – VRents can cater rental services to best suit your business. Contact us today on (08) 8262 3945 to find out more about our Volvo A60 Articulated dump trucks and other Volvo equipment for hire.

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Key Features

• Adapted load capacity – the high body volume enables faster hauling of bigger loads.

• High-efficieny dumping – the powerful and accurate dump system and
the Load & Dump brake facilitate the dump cycle, and reduces costs.

• Higher rimpull – means faster uphill runs; shifting is automatic leaving
the operator free to select the ideal drive mode for the terrain.

• Simple and fast service – all service points are easily accessible, which
simplifies service and reduces downtime.