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Volvo BL71B Backhoe


The Volvo BL71 Backhoe Loader is the result of years of research into what customers wanted most. Volvo then built a machine that provides everything you expect – durability, power, quality and environmental care. The result is a machine that gets the job done and keeps coming back for more.



The Volvo BL71’s loader features boxweld construction with a large reinforced cross tube and friction-welded dual lift cylinders. This provides strength without excessive weight for greater lifting capacity and better visibility. Pick up the pace. Nothing improves productivity like fast, efficient work. The single, center- mounted dump cylinder provides 55 kN of breakout force, so you can handle the load with speed and ease. Featuring a patented self-leveling system, the BL71 offers faster, smoother operation and better soil retention.

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Additional information

Key Features

• 4.3 m dig depth
• 59 kN of bucket dig force
• Versatile attachments
• Volvo flow sharing load-sensing hydraulic system
• Smooth, precise pilot control efficiency