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Volvo ECR58 Compact Excavator


COMING SOON –  When your job takes you to an area where space is at a premium, turn to the Volvo ECR58. It has a swing radius for the ultimate in maneuverability. You won’t sacrifice comfort because the wide operator’s area has plenty of features to make even the longest of days tolerable.



The ECR58 short swing radius machines are very compact, and the digging equipment can be offset so you can work safely in confined spaces without the risk of hitting walls, obstacles or other workers with the counterweight.

These units are built for comfort, with spacious cabs that have a wide, uncluttered floor and plenty of legroom. The deluxe, adjustable suspension seat has a high back for exceptional comfort. The joysticks and ergonomic armrests are mounted to the consoles and can be adjusted independent of the seat for reduced fatigue and easy operation. The right joystick lever also has a thumb roller so you can control bi-directional attachments such as augers and tilt couplers with your hand rather than the traditional foot pedal, allowing greater attachment precision and more foot space. A button on the front of the joystick sends maximum flow to attachments such as breakers that use single-acting hydraulic flow. In addition, large, easy-to-use travel pedals are durable for frequent, intensive use.

There’s excellent visibility all around because of the large, flat, glazed surface area on all sides, the thin cab pillars and the wide windscreen. Exterior rearview mirrors improve visibility and safety. Heating and air-conditioning help keep the cab comfortable at all times. In addition, the operator can see all key machine functions because the instrument panel is within easy view in front of the operator.  The cab is mounted on rubber bushings to reduce vibration from the hydraulics and engine and to reduce operator fatigue. In addition, the quiet, new generation Volvo engine reduces fatigue and improves safety.

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Additional information

Key Features

• New-generation Volvo 16-valve diesel engine
• Short swing radius offers the ultimate maneuverability
• Heating and air-conditioning keep operator comfortable
• Wide cab offers plenty of legroom for better comfort
• Excellent performance even in tight job sites
• Ergonomic armrests help reduce operator fatigue
• Suspended consoles are adjustable independent of the seat
• Load sensing hydraulics for precise movement
• Great view of the work for better performance