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Volvo EC250 Excavator

GPS ENABLED – All V Rents Excavators (14t – 35t) are pre-wired to increase productivity, accuracy and profits with Topcon’s easy-to-use GNSS based 3D Excavator indicate system. For more information click here.

Operate with increased power and digging force in Volvo’s EC250. With faster cycle times and greater productivity, these machines will help you to get the job done faster. Whether you work in the quarry, road construction, site preparation or any other application, you’ll experience high performance from these powerful machines.



Experience increased power and digging force as well as faster cycle times for greater productivity. Compared to the previous model, hydraulic pump flow has improved by 5% while digging force, swing torque and tractive force have increased by 3-5%.

For maximum durability and reliability, the boom and arm have been reinforced in critical areas to equally distribute mechanical stresses and handle the increased working power of these machines.

New electro-hydraulic system and main control valve (MCV) use intelligent technology to control on-demand flow and reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. This provides increased controllability, shorter cycle times and improved fuel efficiency.

Both grading and combined operations have been improved thanks to Volvo’s smart hydraulic system which increases controllability. Benefit from smoother and easier movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously as well as better grading quality from the harmonized boom and arm movement.

Additional information

Key Features

• Volvo D7 engine
• Auto engine shutdown
• Fuel consumption dispay
• Work modes
• ECO mode
• I-ECU monitor
• Climate control system
• Roll over protective structure – ROPS
• Rearview camera
• Cooling system
• Extra water separator
• Electrical distribution box
• Air compressor
• Service access
• Comprehensive range of attachments