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Volvo EC350 Crawler Excavator

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Introducing the EC350 from Volvo – a powerful production machine designed to boost performance. State-of-the-art technology including Volvo’s unique ECO mode, new electro-hydraulic system and fuel efficient D8 engine ensures this machine delivers fast cycle times, high digging power and low fuel consumption.



If you’re looking for a strong and durable excavator to handle the most severe, heavy-duty applications then look no further than the EC350. Whether you’re working on a quarry, in construction or any other application, this robust, reliable machine excels in demanding conditions and won’t let you down.

Large, strong undercarriage components ensure smooth operation and long service life when working in high shock load applications. Various widths of durable track shoes increase machine stability and floatation. The strong, three-piece undercarriage and high tensile steel X-shaped frame are built to withstand tough conditions. For ultimate durability, the idler frames and motor brackets are reinforced.

The robust and durable structure easily absorbs impacts transferred from the digging equipment. Welding between the center and side frames and the boom and boom cylinder mounts is reinforced for superior durability and performance. Additional plates between the end of the arm and the bucket mounting area protect the arm-end bearing. The side wear plates are easily replaceable in the field – ensuring maximum machine uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

The strong and durable structure includes a reinforced boom and arm made from high strength tensile steel for maximum reliability. Thick plates around critical areas equally distribute mechanical stresses.

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Additional information

Key Features

• Volvo D7 engine
• Auto engine shutdown
• Fuel consumption dispay
• Work modes
• ECO mode
• I-ECU monitor
• Climate control system
• Roll over protective structure – ROPS
• Rearview camera
• Cooling system
• Extra water separator
• Electrical distribution box
• Air compressor
• Service access
• Comprehensive range of attachments