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Volvo ECR235 Excavator

GPS ENABLED -All V Rents Excavators (14t – 35t) are pre-wired to increase productivity, accuracy and profits with Topcon’s easy-to-use GNSS based 3D Excavator indicate system. For more information click here.

Versatility and day-after-day reliability. When you have one machine that you can count on for both – you’re going to be very productive. The Volvo ECR235 delivers. It’s the short swing radius machine you need to get you in and out of confined areas with ease. It’s also a powerful 24-ton worker that has the capacity and stability you need for the big jobs. With optimum all-around performance, you’re ready for it all.



You find the job and the Volvo ECR235 will help you finish it. From wide open areas to confined spaces and on slopes or flat ground – it handles it all with class-leading stability and smooth, precise control. Get the Volvo edge on your job site.

Optimum capacity and stability, comparable with conventional machines. With a heavier counterweight and excellent center of gravity, the Volvo ECR235 was designed to offer comparable stability/balance as a conventional machine when swinging on slopes – and performing on flat terrain.

Smooth, fast work – the machine’s computer balances maximum available horsepower to hydraulic output. Class-leading short swing radius lifting capability, swing torque, weight distribution and tractive effort.

Works in one lane of traffic: avoiding costly permits or night-only work mandates. Also has easy attachment change out for greater versatility.

The combination of brute power and fine, precision control – Volvo-matched hydraulics deliver optimum productivity, command and less operator fatigue.

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Additional information

Key Features

• Short swing radius
• Fewer restrictions / permits
• A heavy counterweight & excellent center of gravity
• Precision control
• Smooth and fast work