Construction Equipment

Volvo ECR305 Excavator


ECR305 is ready. Every full bucket, every swing, every load is executed with smoothness, precision and comfort. For those in civil engineering, piping, material handling and more, the Volvo ECR305 will help you confidently turn the work that you perform into greater profit.



Confined areas now seem a lot less confining. That’s because you are free to work in your Volvo ECR305. One lane of traffic. Next to buildings on busy streets. Between utility poles. You can go where the work is, and you can handle it all with the power, lift capacity and stability you demand. The Volvo ECR305 is the short swing radius machine that 30-ton-excavator owners should turn to for commanding performance.

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Additional information

Key Features

• Class-leading stability
• Smooth combination boom/arm operation
• Dependable lifting capacity
• Fine, precise control
• Powerful Tier 3/Stage IIIA Volvo Engine
• Volvo quick fit
• Optional dozer blade
• Short swing radius