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Volvo G930 Motor Grader


GPS ENABLED – From heavy cutting to fine finishing, the G930 Motor Graders work with grader operators to perform every task efficiently, profitably. Volvo puts the keys to new levels of profitable grader performance in your hands.

Millimetre GPS+
MM accuracy using GPS+ positioning 
All VRents Graders are prewired with Millimetre GPS+ the perfect tool for fine tolerance work, combining the advantages of laser precision with GPS and GLONASS. This patented Topcon technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% over existing 3D-GPS machine control systems. For more information click here.
Topcon System 5 – Automatic grade control solution.
Topcon’s System Five is fitted as standard to all VRent Graders to give you a competive edge, delivering advanced automated machine control with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate user interface. For more information click here.
Topcon 3D GPS+ – Automated 3D machine control.
All VRents Graders are prewired for Topcon’s 3D GPS+ system which has the ability to track both GPS and GLONASS. For more information click here.



What you’ll notice first, is the power. Dig into the job and Volvo digs in with you. Volvo engines are renowned for high torque at low RPMs, producing responsive, fuel-efficient performance under all operating conditions.

Highly responsive industry-standard controls give skilled operators the sure feel they need to do what they do best. Wide stance blade lift cylinders coupled with the low angle side shift cylinder provide the most stable grading platform in the industry.

Volvo’s Proportional Demand Flow (PDF) hydraulic system, balances flow between all grading functions for consistent and predictable implement control.

The G930’s long wheelbase ensures greater stability and fine grade control and also improves the sight line to the leading tandem wheels, helping operators run closer to grade markers. For improved mobility in tight spaces, a low maintenance front axle gives the G930 a reduced turning circle with its 50° steering range and a large 23° articulation angle.

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Key Features

• Fuel-efficient performance
• Highly responsive industry-standard controls
• Volvo’s Proportional Demand Flow (PDF) hydraulic system
• Greater stability and fine grade control