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Volvo L180 Wheel Loader

Volvo has refined the wheel loader concept for more than half a century. With the F-series’ robust and reliable production loaders Volvo L150F, L180F, and L220F have taken another big leap ahead when it comes to safety, power, and operator comfort. They are built for the highest machine and operator performance during those really long shifts in all types of jobs in rock loading, log handling, and material handling.



Volvo’s in-house manufactured drivetrain, hydraulic system, and TP-linkage, the rugged frames, and all-cast mountings give L150F, L180F, and L220F the power, the speed, and the toughness needed to boost productivity even in the toughest operating environments. Vital components are well-protected to minimize downtime and repairs. The system’s most important feature – the operator – is safest of all. New Care Cab with improved allround visibility, improved sound damping, and vibration damping contributes to better operator comfort and world-class performance.

Volvo L150F, L180F and L220F have the power and maneuverability needed to take on and quickly handle demanding applications in log handling, hard bank, and rock. The Volvo F-series’ new and roomier Care Cab makes production loading safer and more comfortable than ever before.

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Additional information

Key Features

• Volvo D12D LA E3 Engine
• HTE transmission
• Volvo Automatic Power Shift
• TP-linkage
• Hydraulic system
• Smooth and powerful gravel, rock, and log handlers
• Rugged Frame