Volvo Tracked Skid Steer Hire

Tracked Skid Steer Loader Hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we have the latest range of Volvo tracked skid steer loaders at our Adelaide depot, ready to be wet or dry hired today. Our Volvo tracked skid steer comes standard with a bucket attachment but we have a range of other skid steer attachments for wet and dry hire as well. Volvo tracked skid steers have some of the most advanced technology in the industry onboard to ensure that, whether it’s wet or dry hired the tracked skid steer operator is comfortable and safe. 

We stock the latest model Volvo tracked skid steers because they not only have high end safety features but also come with more cabin space, more visibility and less engine noise. These all contribute to a more comfortable driver experience and a reduction in driver fatigue, both of which lead to enhanced production and quality of work. Adding to this, the Volvo tracked skid steer’s single loader arm provides the same performance as tradition machines but includes the advantages of side entry and improved visibility.

What is a tracked Skid Steer Loader?

A tracked skid steer loader is a small rigid machine with lift arms that can hold a range of attachments. Tracked skid steers for hire are usually 4-wheeled machines, but can also come tracked, as our Volvo tracked skid steer does. The benefit of a tracked skid steer is its multi terrain abilities. A tracked Volvo skid steer rental is able to complete work on sand, snow, dirt and mud to name a few difficult terrains.

The main benefit of tracked skid steer loaders, aside from their enhanced maneuverability and agility, is the large range of attachments they have. There is no limit to the variety of skid steer attachments on the market, with a range of industry and job specific attachments as well as generalised multipurpose attachments. At VRents we stock the most popular, general type attachments, such as a 4 in 1 bucket or spreader bar, so we are able to best help our wide customer base.

what are volvo tracked skid steers used for?

Volvo tracked skid steer hire is one of the most popular wet and dry hires in the construction industry thanks to the loader’s versatility. Tracked skid steer loaders are useful on small residential builds and major road constructions alike. Tracked skid steers are able to pick up and relocate loose materials with their 4 in 1 bucket attachments and complete general earthworks with their dozer blade attachment. Using a skid steer spreader bar attachment operators are able to spread and level soils. The right skid steer attachment can be hard to come by as suppliers often only have a standard bucket and one other attachment. This is why at VRents we supply a range of attachments, all of which can be hired at once, to our customers.

Whether the job is a small landscaping of a garden bed or a major road or rail project Volvo tracked skid steer loaders are an asset to the project. The versatility that comes with tracked skid steer hire means jobs that would once have been done by hand, or by multiple machines are able to be completed with one tracked skid steer and it’s attachments. Our Volvo tracked skid steers are serviced and maintained by our team of mobile volvo trained technicians with genuine spare parts and in purpose built facilities.

If you need to hire a Volvo tracked skid steer loader in Adelaide or anywhere throughout South Australia trust VRents to give you end to end service and a quality guarantee. We are able to organise long and short term hire as well as wet and dry hire. Hire a tracked skid steer loader today in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Glenelg, Port Pirie, Kadina and Flinders Ranges.