Volvo Wheel Loader Hire

Volvo Wheel Loader for Hire in Adelaide, South Australia

At VRents we have a large fleet of Volvo wheel loaders, from the smaller, flexible Volvo L60 to the larger, durable Volvo L180. We supply our volvo construction and mining plant throughout South Australia through our depot based on Adelaide. Our wheel loaders and other volvo equipment are available for wet and dry hire for a day or on a long term basis. We are happy to supply to projects all over the state because we know how important wheel loaders are on the construction site.

Whether you have a day’s worth of gravel to move, or are undertaking a large scale land clearing project VRents has the wheel loader to fit your needs. Our volvo construction equipment delivers productivity and efficiency above what is expected thanks to the advanced technology within our wheel loaders. We ensure all our machines are thoroughly serviced and maintained by our team of mobile Volvo trained technicians, genuine spare parts and purpose built facilities.

What is a Wheel Loader?

A wheel loader is a heavy equipment machine, with a wide, front-mounted, square bucket. The wheel loader was invented by Volvo in 1954 and was originally based off a rear-wheeled tractor with a bucket attachment. Today, wheel loaders are specially designed to move loose material without dragging it along the ground and loading it into transport. However different wheel loader attachments can widen their potential uses.

As wheel loaders for hire are predominantly used on major construction sites, their design has evolved with jobsite needs. Volvo wheel loaders have larger tyres, that are able to be chained for added traction and are the same size front and back. The front attachment, generally a bucket is attached through an articulated joint to provide maximum range of motion to the Volvo wheel loaders.

This wide range of motion comes in use when a range of wheel loader attachments are put onto the machine. Here at VRents we have four of the most popular wheel loader attachments for hire, both with and without the wheel loader. We have a fork attachment for moving pallets and building materials around site. Our range also includes a grapple attachment for handling hard materials and a high tip bucket for hard to reach transport and construction sites. Lastly we have a jib attachment that allows the operator to move machines and equipment around the work site.

What are volvo wheel loaders used for?

Volvo wheel loaders are used on construction sites when there is a need for regular transport of loose materials or building materials. Wheel loaders are different from other heavy equipment machinery that deal with loose materials, such as graders, as they are able to pick up the material and load it into transport. This is important on construction sites as two jobs can be completed with one machine.

Wheel loaders have a range of attachments that can be wet and dry hired, such as pallet forks, grapples, brackets and material handling arms. These wheel loader attachments allow wheel loaders to complete a broader range of tasks around the construction site. A Volvo wheel loader with its various attachments for wet hire is able to complete the task of a range of plant, reducing costs and necessary equipment onsite.

If you need to hire a Volvo wheel loader in Adelaide or anywhere throughout South Australia trust VRents to give you end to end service and a quality guarantee. We are able to organise long and short term hire as well as wet and dry hire. Hire a wheel loader today in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Glenelg, Port Pirie, Kadina and Flinders Ranges.