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Volvo Construction Equipment Rental Specialists

At VRents, our mission is to improve your productivity, profitability, and safety through the provision of exceptional plant hire services. We exclusively offer Volvo Construction Equipment, renowned for its performance, comfort, safety, and efficiency. With a comprehensive range of rental options, tailored to meet your specific requirements, VRents will be your partner for success. Experience the difference with VRents.

Hire and Rental Options

Long Term Hire

Streamline your operations with a long-term rental or equipment lease. Focus on core activities while we handle logistics, maintenance, compliance, and paperwork. Preserve capital and benefit from technology upgrades every few years without finance applications.

Short Term Hire

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility with our short-term rentals, tailored to match your evolving project needs. Scale your operations effortlessly by customising rental durations and adjusting equipment type and quantity.


Dry hire refers to renting equipment without an operator or fuel. You will be responsible for operating the machinery, providing fuel and daily checks. However, at VRents we will be responsible for servicing and maintenance of the machine. Our approach offers flexibility and cost control, but you’ll be responsible for any damage and require insurance coverage.


In South Australia VRents can provide the equipment, source skilled operators and organise refueling and servicing for you on your next project. Charges are calculated and provided as a single ‘flat rate’ on a single invoice with the operator, times, dates and even your supervisor’s signatures summarised daily.


Specialist Volvo Construction Equipment Rental Services

VRents provides specialist Volvo Construction Equipment rental services, providing both dry hire and wet hire options. We offer customisable long and short-term rental agreements tailored to your industry and business needs. Our extensive fleet includes well-maintained Volvo excavators, articulated dump trucks and wheel loaders with various attachments, designed to cater to the requirements of civil construction, forestry, mining, road construction, and other industries. Whatever your operations, VRents has the equipment to meet your specific needs.


Doing more with less is a trademark of Volvo Construction Equipment. High productivity comes from low energy consumption, ease of use and durability.


Volvo Construction Equipment offers industry-leading machines known for their performance, fuel efficiency, and innovative features. With over 180 years of experience, Volvo continues to pioneer emerging technologies in the construction equipment industry.


VRents embodies a culture of innovation.  We are continually developing our own software solutions to streamline operations, improve safety and improve uptime. Leveraging Volvo’s 180+ years of expertise, we can deliver leading technological advancements to advance your operations.


All day comfort is yours in a Volvo, the operator’s choice. With an excellent operator environment you take control in all-round quality and ergonomic comfort.