1.8t to 48t Excavators

Volvo excavators are filled with cutting edge technology to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Volvo prioritises the added safety and productivity features that give its vehicles heightened visibility and comfort. All Volvo excavators have specially designed frames to give the operator as much visibility as possible, without compromising safety. Volvo excavator cabins are also the quietest and the most spacious on the market.

Volvo Dig Assist

Dig Assist, powered by the in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot tablet is available on most VRents excavators above 14t. Dig Assist with 2D, In-Field Design, 3D, Active Control (Automated boom and bucket movements), Height, Depth and Slew Boundary Limits and On-Board Weighing will provide you with a new level of productivity and safety.

Excavators AVAILABLE


Excavator attachments

Combined with a tilting quick hitch or Steelwrist® tiltrotator, a Volvo excavator and bucket delivers the ultimate combination of high productivity, safety, precise control and reduced fuel consumption.

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers to suit VRents Volvo excavators from 1.8t to 35t are available to rent for your next breaking job. Specifically designed to suit, these heavy duty breakers will be set up with the excavator for your next task.