Volvo EC220EL (22t) Excavator


The EC220E builds on its efficiency reputation from the D-Series by ensuring all components work together and complement each other making it best in class. The enhancements deliver the best in class fuel efficiency while not compromising on power – reducing emissions and consumption, while increasing productivity. The cab design puts the operator in the drivers’ seat to control personal specifications – from climate control, to short-cut functions on the joystick. The spacious cab allows the operator to move comfortably, to create a working environment that naturally promotes increased productivity.


VRents 22t excavators are fitted with Volvo Dig Assist. Whether you are levelling sites, digging trenches, grading slopes or creating site profiles, digging operations have never been faster, easier and safer. Dig Assist is a suite of tools designed to deliver excavation accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods, eliminating the need to manually mark out a site and check depths and grades. VRents offers a wide range of buckets and attachments to suit its range of excavators.