Volvo ECR145EL (14t) Excavator


The optimised compact design of the ECR145E offers a short swing radius for operating in confined spaces without compromising on performance. A Stage V engine and enhanced hydraulics system result in smoother operation and increased productivity. Volvo’s integrated working mode system, which now includes the G4 mode, optimises fuel efficiency, reduces running costs, increases productivity and performance. Choose the best work mode for the task at hand – select from I (idle), F (fine), G (general), H (heavy) and P* (power max). Do more in less time as the enhanced hydraulics system increases pump power for faster and smoother operation, resulting in quicker cycle times and higher productivity.


Have your operators work in a comfortable, low noise environment to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue. The larger ROPS certified cab has a wider entrance for easier access, more legroom and a more spacious interior, while the responsive climate control system provides a comfortable working environment. For easier controllability and operator comfort the machine features an improved climate control system displayed on the 8” LCD monitor. The industry-leading air circulation and defrosting system speeds up the heating and cooling of the cab for a more comfortable environment. VRents offers a wide range of buckets and attachments to suit its range of excavators.